Sam Arora My name is Sam Arora, and I want to have a discussion about what is happening in our community. Our area is a wonderful place to live, and I count myself lucky to have lived and gone to school in Silver Spring and now live in Derwood, where I grew up.  But I think everyone who has lived in District 19 for a while knows that we still face many of the same challenges that we have known for years—challenges like maintaining excellence in public education, taking care of our seniors, and securing our energy future. On top of that, the state is in major financial trouble. It is going to be harder than ever to solve our problems—I am under no illusion of that—but they are not going away. They are just getting bigger and demand more creative solutions. And so it is time to look at these challenges in a different way. I want the community I grew up in to tackle tough challenges and be a better place for our families.

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